About the Show


Ottawa-based social worker in addictions and mental health, music maker and dog dad. Academic background in biology and history.

PropaGanada is a Canadian interview show that firmly (but politely) challenges Canada’s Money Hoarding Class. We promote and connect Canadian activists, organizers, writers and researchers to unite the voices of our greater collective movement.

Episodes cover wide-ranging topics and educate viewers on the intricate ways that the rich have taken over our public institutions and push policies that hurt everyday working Canadians. Music videos feature ironic lyrics and funky beats (by yours truly) to further emphasize the issues we are speaking out against in Canada.

What the PropaGanada Show lacks in budget, it makes up for in highly informative discussions with leading Canadian voices and thinkers.


Give the Propaganda Show a shout! Hit me up with topics or people you think should be covered on the show, feedback or just to make a connection.

Drop a line, leave a note, send a pigeon.

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